Do card sorts and word sorts right on your iPad by placing each concept, option or word on a card, optionally adding an image and then visually organizing ideas quickly and easily.

In the classroom, on a business project, when writing, or at home, great for vocabulary, planning, outlining, categorizing, brainstorming, etc. The uses are endless.

iCardSort is also an excellent brainstorming tool to visually organize ideas quickly and easily.

Whether working on a business project or trying to decide on this year’s vacation destination, you simply place each of your options on a card.

iCardSort allows you to group, order, and explore your possibilities.  Then, when you are ready, share it with everyone involved.


“This app is fabulous for teachers! You can use it for brainstorming, practicing spelling words and vocabulary. You can classify words by a variety of topics. It’s perfect for teaching early literacy skills and doing word sorts for parts of speech or word families. Students will have a great time creating games for their classmates. The possibilities are endless…”

“… I’ve already used it to work through a complicated prioritization exercise related to home improvement projects. … For me, this kind of visual manipulation is perfectly suited for an iPad”

“… this is absolutely perfect and simple. Index cards irl are great, but you can’t keep them in one place like you can with this app and then reshuffle and change their order again.”

“An attractive, intuitive tool for organizing your thoughts and for brain storming. A ten star app! Thanks!”

“…enjoyable and much less stressful when planning an upcoming trip to Monterey. I quickly added ideas for play and accommodations… Dragging, rearranging, and removing ideas, were simpler than using any notebook or paper method.”

“A really intuitive app that helps organize your thoughts.”

“This could become really useful for agile planning, very cool. “

“… this app scores high marks for what it does best: organize the things on your mind whether it be it be a project, an idea, or the even just the grocery list.”

“iCardSort has been a great way for me to weigh out the pros and cons of my school choices. It takes traditional brainstorming techniques into the 21st century and allows me to use technology to simplify and organize my life!”

Card Sorting

Card Sorting is a great technique to visually organize information. For more information check out “Card sorting: a definitive guide” and the Wikipedia entry.