PSUSD iPad Tutorial

I love seeing user created tutorials like this one iCardSort Lite Tutorial by Jessica Pack.

I don’t know much about the creator, Jessica Pack, or the PSUSD iPad Trailblazers Project but if you have any information I would love to know more. In the video she shows how to use the app and gives some ideas on creating lessons and exercises.

If you are using iCardSort and want to create something similar please let me know and I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “PSUSD iPad Tutorial

  1. Great app. Question: I teach Kindergarten. Any chance or have you considered adding a feature in which pictures and/or photos could be uploaded onto individual cards? Would be great…since most kinder students have not yet learned how to read.

    Thank you,

    Beverly Foley

    • Hi Beverly,

      Thanks for your feedback. Pictures are on the list of features to add but are a big change so I can’t say when it would be available. Thanks for your support.


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