Circulation Pathway (middle school)


Jim Holland, Educator & Author, from Arlington, TX has provided this deck and science activity for middle school.

In this activity, students sequence the pathway of blood flow through the body by arranging cards in a clockwise sequence. Then, students demonstrate their understanding of oxygen levels in the blood by changing each card’s color according to the amount of oxygen present in each stage.


  1. Open the Circulation Pathway deck in the iCardSort application.
  2. Drag the cards to sequence them according to pathway of blood flow through the body. Start with the right atrium at the top and work around in a clockwise direction.
  3. Once you have the cards sequenced, change the color of each card according to this key: Red = oxygen-rich Blue= oxygen-deprived Purple = site of oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange
  4. Add a green card to the deck and place it in the center of the circle of arranged cards. Enter your name and class period number on the card.

Click here for detailed student directions