New version in the works. Want to be involved?

We’ve been working hard on the next version of iCardSort and I’m happy to announce that we should have a beta version soon followed by an app store update.

More information on features and bug fixes will be available over the next few weeks and the exact release date is difficult to predict but we’re working on getting it out as soon as possible.

If you’d like to beta test the app and help make it even better let me know by contacting me with your Apple account email, and I’ll add you to the list.

Be aware though, the update will replace your existing app. You shouldn’t lose any data but if there is a UI issue you may not be able to go back until we address it in subsequent betas.

So, if you want to help with the next version of iCardSort let me know.


iCardSort for iOS 8 in development

As you may have heard Apple has announced some major changes for IOS 8.

I’m excited to incorporate them into iCardSort and we’ll be working on a major revision over the coming months.

I’d love to hear from you and you can help shape the app..

Please take a few minutes and contact me with a comment on:

1) How you use the app?

2) What would make it even better?

Your ideas will help me make the next version even better.

iCardSort version 1.6 is out

Happy to announce the new version is available.  The big feature in this version is that both cards and decks can have images which convey when the decks are shared.

Really looking forward to seeing all the creative uses you guys come up with.

iCardSort v1.6

iCardSort reviewed in Techchef4u “Hot Apps 4 Brainstorming episode”

techchef4uIn the Techchef4u podcast on Blog Talk Radio educators & App Enthusiasts Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker review iPad brainstorming apps Tchart, iBrainstorm, Simplemind+, Stickyboard, Idea Sketch, and iCardSort. iCardSort coverage starts around 24:10 into the show. They give some great ideas on how to use these iPad apps in the classroom.

Make sure to check out the podcast and their blog with lots of great ideas.

Numbers Exercise


This is a numbers, counting and reading exercise deck by Jill Ozols. I love the way it integrates text, numerals and a visual representation of quantities. I also love the innovative use of fonts! 🙂

I’m always excited to see how people are using iCardSort.


Menu Items


This deck is from Yolanda Barker and is meant to be used as an organizing activity. Students are to categorize the foods into appetizer, entree and dessert. A follow up activity would be for students to create a balanced plate based upon discussions about the food groups.

Note: You’ll have to choose three column background to make the deck look like it does in the image.


Upper Lower Case


This deck is from, Jill Ozols, Educational Consultant and iCardSort user.

She writes:

“I have students use this deck for alphabetical order, for matching upper and lowercase, and for ‘selecting activities’, Some students have a noticeable difference in their scores for selecting, reading and writing. This deck can be used for selecting and reading prior to a writing activity.

ie. find ‘a’, or what sound does this letter make.”

Thanks Jill. I appreciate you sharing your ideas on using iCardSort


Circulation Pathway (middle school)


Jim Holland, Educator & Author, from Arlington, TX has provided this deck and science activity for middle school.

In this activity, students sequence the pathway of blood flow through the body by arranging cards in a clockwise sequence. Then, students demonstrate their understanding of oxygen levels in the blood by changing each card’s color according to the amount of oxygen present in each stage.


  1. Open the Circulation Pathway deck in the iCardSort application.
  2. Drag the cards to sequence them according to pathway of blood flow through the body. Start with the right atrium at the top and work around in a clockwise direction.
  3. Once you have the cards sequenced, change the color of each card according to this key: Red = oxygen-rich Blue= oxygen-deprived Purple = site of oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange
  4. Add a green card to the deck and place it in the center of the circle of arranged cards. Enter your name and class period number on the card.

Click here for detailed student directions


iSequence Apptivity



This idea and deck come from Lisa Johnson at She hopes to use it at various campuses and I’m really excited to hear about someone using iCardSort on a large scale basis.

In her blog post she writes:

In an effort to incorporate the iPads into small group intervention stations for middle school math, I spent a few hours collaborating with Cheryl Mutz, an NEISD district Math Instructional Specialist, to create an apptivity to support the study of sequences in 8th Math. The intervention apptivity would be used in a small group setting (two students to an iPad) and the students would have 30-45 minutes to complete the task. …



iCardSort_Sequences_Recording Sheet