This deck is from 2nd grade teacher Ms. Carnazzo. She writes:

My class had been studying motion in science and had recently completed an empirical experiment to see which type of motion different items would show. After students completed the appropriate activity, they used iCardSort to group items to see what properties (e.f. bounce, spin, slide, roll) items in each group had in common. Students wanted to show that some items could be cleverly classified in more than one group so some are on the lines overlapping 2 groups. Students then brilliantly brainstormed other items that they thought would fit in the different groups. The pretty bright pink cards are their additional ideas.


Beta Testers Needed

I’m happy to be working on the next version of iCardSort and have some exciting features and bug fixes planned.

We’ll be ready to start beta testing soon and will need a few volunteers. You just need an iPad and the willingness to test a separate (temporary) version of iCardSort and report back any problems you find.

If you are interested please get in touch and I’ll follow up with the details when it is time.