iCardSort lets you put ideas and concepts on cards which can then be grouped and ordered any way you like. As of version 1.6 iCardSort also supports adding images to cards and decks as well as changing font color to increase readability.iCardSort v1.6

Grouping and Ordering

To form a group position the cards so that they touch. Card sorting lets you explore the relationship between items which you can then share and discuss with others on your team or in your class.

Form groups by having cards touch.

Cards in a group can be moved as a whole by dragging with two fingers.

You can switch between grouping and ordering with the control in the toolbar.

New cards

New Cards can be created by double tapping the tabletop or by pressing the “+” button on the toolbar. They can then be edited by double tapping them. Cards can have notes as well as visible text. Cards with notes have a little black corner. Cards can be starred to mark them as special or to remind yourself to revisit them in the future.

You can also set the card color and card font for each card to be different than the default.

Multiple Cards

You can create multiple cards at once by *double tapping with two fingers*. This brings up an area where you can enter multiple lines of text. Each line becomes its own card. This can be really handy when cutting and pasting from a text document with a list of items.

Deck Title and Defaults

The deck title can be changed by double tapping the title in the toolbar. This also lets you set the default color and font for this deck and add a note for the deck itself.

Shuffling the Cards

If you want to randomize the position of the cards select the Shuffle option from the menu. This lets you start over and continue exploring relationships with out getting stuck on one grouping. Before you shuffle you can duplicate your deck to save your work and if you change your mind about the shuffle the undo button will revert the cards to the original position. Though, you need to undo before you make to many changes or leave the app.

Sharing Your Deck

When you want to share your work, you can email it to co-workers and family members. They can then import it into their iPad running iCardSort.

You can also beam and blast your deck to other iPads running iCardSort on you network or in your general area. Blast will send the deck to all users that want it and Beam lets you select one user to send it to. To share a deck you can choose beam or blast and the other user can select import. The apps should find each other and exchange the deck.

Beam and Blast will use Wifi if available and then try bluetooth if turned on. Sometimes wifi networks are configured to not allow discovery and this can keep the app from finding other ipads to share decks with. In this case try turning wifi off and using bluetooth instead.

Thanks for trying out iCardSort. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Tutorial Videos

Check out these videos

PSUSD iPad Trailblazers Project – iCardSort Tutorial Video


19 thoughts on “Manual

  1. I would like to import the text for the cards from a file (txt, doc, xls) instead of creating them one by one. Is that possible?

    • Hi Craig,
      It is possible to import a bunch of cards from a text file by putting each word on a separate line in your notes app (for example) then selecting all the lines and copy-ing them to the pasteboard.

      Then when you open a new deck you can double tap with *two* fingers. Then each line that gets pasted in there will create a new card.

  2. It would be so good if you could add a group title card so people could label their groups and this could be output in the csv text.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m definitely thinking about the best way to name groups. Thanks for your support.


      • I support this, that would be great. If you are going to implement this, please consider also subgroups. At the end such decks could be exported to mind map data formats for further use.

      • In addition please consider also subgroups. At the end this could be exported to mind map data formats for further use.

  3. This App is one of the greatest tools for idea processing.
    However, I think this app has a weakness : lacking of the function as the storehouse of resources for brain storming. To overcome this, I hope the additional function importing each note in Evernote’ s notebooks as this App’ s card.
    I also hope the other function synchronizing with the Mac App ” Scrivener 2 “, especially its card board mode.
    I believe that these improvements make iCardSort contribute to strengthen the working pipeline from brain storming based on the personal knowledge database to writing articles.

  4. I really like this app. I teach 4 and 5 year olds and it would be great to be able to put shapes or pictures on the cards to make more sorting games appropriate for this age group. Any chance of this? Thanks for a great resource!

  5. My colleague and I are just starting to explore this app for use in the Spanish classroom (sentence structure, uses of certain verbs, categorizing parts of speech, etc) and we have not yet figured out how to change the background for one set of cards without changing them for all sets. Is this a possibility? Thanks!

    • Hi, Kate.
      Unfortunately this is not possible in the current version. It is something I hope to add in the future though.

  6. I really appreciate that the app supports German, but is there a setting that I could switch to English, even if I use the app on a German iPad? If I export the cards via e-mail it would be nice if I could influence the language.

  7. One more thing … 😉 … I’m so fascinated by your app: how could I share a deck over the web? It would be great if I could brainstorm with your app during a telephone conference and each participant could make new cards at the same time on the same deck. Like working in GoogleDocs at the same time.

    • Thats an awesome idea. I love you enthusiasm for the app.

      Unfortunately, that is a fairly complex feature and there are many others to implement first.

      Thanks for your support.


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